Designed by Women, Inspired by Women, for Women

Our Mission

Curating and creating meaningful and long-lasting pieces of jewelry at affordable prices - simply because we do not believe a high price tag should be necessarily a sine qua non condition. We aspire to provide a memorable experience by offering quality pieces with top-notch customer service.

Long-lasting, Waterproof

Blending creativity, passion and fun together, it lies in our hearts to offer you waterproof and high quality pieces of jewelry that will become your faithful and favorite ally on your jewelry journey, accompanying you at all times.

Celebrating Women

Jewelry is part of our identity. The identity of who we truly are. There is so much that a piece of jewelry can bring and how it can make you feel. 

Empowering women, making them feel strong and confident, is the clairvoyant vision behind Aglaiia.

We See You

Throughout our collections, you will find a plethora of pieces locally handmade in our workshop based in Dubai, as well as ready-made pieces that we have carefully handpicked. We offer a variety of personalised pieces for every woman and any occasion. And if you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us and we will be more than happy to create a piece together, the perfect fit to your taste and character. 

We pride ourselves on the quality of our jewelry and provide all of our customers with a one year warranty on every purchase.

If you have any questions about our products, would like to check the availability of an item or request a tailor-made piece, please use our “Contact” page to get in touch.

The meaning behind Aglaiia

Although being French owned and based in the UAE, the meaning behind the brand brings us far back to the Greek mythology.

Aglaiia is a derivation from Aglaea, one of the three Kharites (Graces in English) and the goddess of beauty, splendor, glory and adornment. The Kharites were reputed to be the essence of beauty, charm, and grace and were associated with the Nine Muses, who presided and inspired arts and sciences.

Frequently they were taken as goddesses of charm or beauty in general and hence were associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love. As attendants of Aphrodite, they were goddesses of personal beauty and the adornments which enhanced this: makeup, oils, perfumes, fine clothing and jewelry.

And it is exactly who we are at Aglaiia: we are here to enhance every woman natural beauty with beautiful pieces of jewelry.